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6 outfits SAME shorts

Where I live, we are lucky enough to experience all four seasons. One of them being a little too long, but I love all the fashion that comes with the change of weather here. I was so excited to wear all the cute pieces I had purchased over the last few months. I am finally done having kids so I invested in myself a little with some new wardrobe pieces, but this quarantine has put a damper on all things fashion since we won’t be going anywhere until Summer is in full force!

Speaking of quarantine, I think I can speak for all of us women (moms’ or not) that we have taken the legging game to an entire different level. If we are going to be home we need to be comfortable right? Right! But, I think we can add a twist to our everyday comfortable pieces so we still can look good while at home life/ mom life happens.

One of my favourite things to do is purchase a few nice expensive pieces that you could wear multiple ways. Sometimes I come across amazing inexpensive pieces that I absolutely must do the same with! The shorts I’m featuring will be worn out by summers end. They are inexpensive, of ultimate comfort and super cute! I have dressed them down for a rainy day in, dressed them up so you can wear them with the kids on a nice walk and still be comfortable and I also have an option to run to the grocery store in and not look like quarantine has eaten you up alive! The only new outfit I bought was the matching leopard shorts and matching long sleeve crop top set. The rest of the tops I had in my closet at home.

I challenge everyone reading to find a staple top or bottom that you can make at least 5 outfits with! It is so easy to get in a rut with the new normal we have experienced over the last few weeks. But we can still put some fun into our day with simply creating a fun look to wear no matter what’s on the calendar (or what’s not on the calendar). Enjoy!

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