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Kid’s Fashion

I always hoped one of my kids would share some of my interests. What I didn’t expect was my oldest to love EVERYTHING I love! I’m obviously ok with that! On an everyday I really try and encourage her to play with fashion. Although I buy certain pieces, I want her to express her own individuality. That is SO important to me as a mother. I will influence because I am her mom but ultimately I want my kids to choose what makes their heart sing in all aspects of their life! I think fashion is a major outlet for kids to express who they are.

There are days that she “lets‘ me pick” what she can wear that day and these are the days I secretly wait for! She let’s me experiment with different styles on her. If it’s between me or the kids looking good these days, they win. I know she ultimately is more of a girlie girl but she let’s me try what I want! Thanks my little girlfriend.

I have so many people ask me where I get my clothes for the kids. ALL over! My favourites are Zara, HM and Old Navy but I look everywhere and find good pieces I can put together.

Another huge trick of mine is that I buy everything in the off season. It is very rare that I pay full price for my kids clothes; it’s destroyed almost instantly. So, I’ll always wait for major sales at the end of a season to buy for the season that just passed. Right now all my kids have their snow boots and snow gear brand new ready to go and paid less than what the jacket normally retails for; that I am proud of! It’s the little things right?

I hope her love for fashion and all things girlie doesn’t end any time soon! I’m having way too much fun with her.

Picture 1 (Army)



Picture 2: (Leopard)



Picture 3: (TShirt)



Picture 4: (Black Tank)

Whole outfit:

Picture 5: (Overalls)



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