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Makeup Tips

Here is a small write up on how to correctly do a few of the steps from the poll I asked on Instagram. I tried to mix a couple of the top answers together to give you all as much info as I could. Thank you everyone for voting on the poll.

1. Foundation: To colour match foundation properly; use your chest. I personally like to be a little darker than my natural colour but I will still test a few shades on my chest to get the correct colour! If I don’t have a tan I’ll usually use the shade that is a half a shade darker or a full shade darker. If my hair was up, I would do all my face, my ears, neck and chest to seamlessly blend the darker colour. If my hair is down I will do my entire face neck and chest.

2. Concealer: To get the nice “light and bright” look under your eye you want to colour correct if needed and then choose a concealer shade that is 1-2 shades lighter. If you’d like to just have a nice overall fresh “no makeup” look, using the same shade as your skin will do the trick and still looks fresh.

A huge topic of concern on my Instagram poll was under the eye. During a consultation I would be able to see and talk to you about your main under eye concerns. I will explain here how to combat some of these issues you ladies addressed to me. This will all make sense in the video to follow, so if reading it just isn’t cutting it just simply watch tomorrow!

1. If your under eye is dehydrated it can tend to look “crepey” once makeup is applied. In our mid- twenties we should step up to anti-aging skincare. In our thirties, heck, it's a must! The skin under our eye is so thin and fragile. Treat it as such! Give it lots of love, hydration and nutrients.

2. Are you setting enough? After every liquid or cream you need to follow with a powder to set. Now, it doesn’t have to be a major powder, but you need to have something there to lock the liquid in place. If youre using a concealer and you’re not setting it in place, it can move during the day and expose the darkness again or look “racoon-ish”.

3. If you aren’t setting and or have watery eyes another cause of “racoon eye” can be eyeliner or mascara. Try to set first and see if that makes a difference, if it doesn’t start using waterproof liner or mascara.

4. Lastly, are you colour correcting? Sometimes it is a necessary step to fully brighten the under eye area. I never understood the true meaning of Bobbi Brown’s saying “concealer is the secret to the universe” until I worked for the company and learned how to really colour correct. It instantly lifts the eye, brightens the face and gives such youth to anyone.

I hope this has helped! If you have any other questions, please feel free to email or send me an IG message! Thanks for following along.

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