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Mothers Day Gift Ideas

This post was inspired by our new normal: quarantine. All of these gifts are easy to find/buy and will promote self love through self care.

1. Cookbooks aren't exactly in the beauty realm but if there is something I've personally loved doing during this time it has been trying new recipes. That feeling of cooking an amazing dish and enjoying it; true accomplishment and pride. I love this for a gift because we have the time on our hands to try new recipes or putting a twist on something we already love. This book can be found all over, but let's be real: or for all the prime benefits!

2. Ice Rollers: Ok, who doesn't love a facial tool to add to their mix? We aren't wearing a ton of makeup and our moms' probably don't own a ton of these new tools themselves. Ice rollers have awesome benefits: lessening wrinkles, de puff and brighten under eye, moisturize dry skin, release tension (headaches!) and inflammation and redness relief from breakout or sunburn! or

3. Yoga mat: My mom and dad personally have been working out a ton at home since their work schedules have shifted. Who wouldn't love a new mat to promote good health or to take up some in home workouts. or

4. Makeup bag set: When we are through with this new life I think a ton of us will be traveling! AM I RIGHT? This set from Poppy&Peonies is one of my new favourites. It keeps my in home products organized and I can't wait to easily pack them up and easily keep it all together when we do get a chance to get away again. Organization has also been on the forefront of everyone's mind during this time.

5. 24k Gold Massaging Bar: Another tool we ALL need! (Mamas, spoil yourself!) Simply put, this little bar will increase blood circulation. It will improve appearance and texture of your skin and reduce wrinkles. or

6. Blue Light Blocking Glasses: We are all at home watching more TV or on our computers more for work. Blue light blocking glasses will help with eye fatigue. I personally have been getting major headaches from all the screen time so this was a must have purchase for myself at the start of our new normal. We all need this in our lives! or super cute ones from *those are the ones pictured above*

7. Bath Bombs: HELLO! What says treat yourself more than a nice bubble bath? I need a tub full ordered to my house this Mother's Day! My ultimate favourite spot for these bad boys will forever be LUSH. or

8. skyn ICELAND: I love a good face and eye mask. I can recommend probably 10 more that I love but this brand has stuck out for me. They have amazing package options for you. Eye patches? Lip mask? Face lift? Check them out! or

9. Quartz Roller with Gua Sha Scraping Tool: If you follow me on Instagram you'll see that I use this often. These product will reduce puffiness, promotes lymphatic drainage, discourage wrinkles, improves elasticity of the skin and minimize pores. Easily a favourite for me! or of course

10. Facial Steamer: I recently invested in this and again, this will give an amazing at home spa experience for your loved one. The nano sized water molecules will hydrate and soften the skins surface. It will clean your pores and dead skin cells. This at the end of the night will help all those skin care products you use after, work even better! or

Hope you all enjoyed the quarantine gift giving guide! Get shopping!

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