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Twin questions answered

Hey guys! Long time since a post. My only excuse, life. But here we are in the middle of a stay at home order and I’ve just revealed to you guys I’m pregnant with twins! Here are some of your questions answered and my experience from 3 to 6 weeks of pregnancy with two.

So the answer to the first question: was this planned?

Answer is simply: no. But being pregnant with twins is truly a blessing. We are riding this out by taking it one day at a time.

In May/ June last year my doctor and I came up with a plan to first control my anxiety with medication. I felt my birth control was really messing with my body but we wanted to tackle the anxiety issue first. After 3 months we decided to come off of the birth control. My skin was also terrible (like back in High School) type of acne happening. So in Sept we booked my skin appointment for January so my skin can regulate a few months off birth control. Well one week before my appointment .. positive pregnancy test showed up! It was a surprise to say the least to be thinking I was pregnant with one but the fun started when I found out it was two. I now have to wait to fix my skin again BUT I have a pregnancy safe topical I am using and can share given to me by my new dermatologis.

The next question was if twins run in my family. They sure do! My aunt is a twin and just recently I said “wow I’m shocked none of us cousins have had twins yet“. Well here I am eating my own words! Haha. We are absolutely going to find out the gender. When I thought we were having just one more I was sold on having a surprise baby. We already have both genders, so I wasn’t phased by wanting to know. But now, I feel like I need to plan again!

Last question is how did I react when I was told there was two. Believe it or not, at 4 weeks I called my doctor and told him I thought I was pregnant with twins and he ordered me an ultrasound for after 6 wks. My pregnancy symptoms were unlike any of my 5 previous pregnancies. They were so extreme and I found out at only 3 weeks! I oddly just had a gut feeling. When I was 4.5 wks I thought I was miscarrying. I went to the hospital with such bad cramps. There they confirmed two sacs with no heartbeat but I was so early still. I honestly just laughed at the doctor when he said it because I totally knew. I have an odd sixth sense about these things! I had to go 48 hours and do blood work to monitor all my numbers and since they were still increasing we ruled out miscarriage. When I was 6 wks and 2 days I had my dating ultrasound and there was saw 2 sacs, 2 placentas and 2 heartbeats. That is the day we told the kids with a really cool heart smash. The picture I posted showed one boy and one girl but we actually don’t know the genders yet. It was just what the women put in who did the heart smash for us.

I answered the other questions you ladies asked off of Instagram except for one: we don’t have names yet. Naming is really hard for us SO we are just waiting until we know the genders to start the brutal process.

Check out my fun “non existent belly pics” from the day I found out until a day or two before the last ultrasound (3 to 6 weeks). This already has been a wild ride and can’t wait to continue to share.

3 wks 2 days

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